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Assortment of 6 ONA Masks

No more waiting for laundry day!  By popular demand, we’re offering a 6-pack of The 6ft Mask so that you can be washing used masks, while still having fresh ones to wear and share. 

Made from neoprene fabric, our one-size fits all reusable face masks are breathable, quick drying and provide UV-ray protection. We know that for some keeping a distance just isn’t an option… And while, #SheWearsThePants, she also needs to be #WearingTheMask. 

Made for adults, ONA masks are available only in sets of 2 or 6, and are final sale.

ONA face masks are not substitutes of N95 surgical or procedural masks, and are not FDA approved


ONA by Yoon Chung

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6 Black Masks

Neoprene Fabric

Mask Graphic: “6ft” and “”